Tuesday January 23, 2018

Dems Blinked

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said, Shutdown ends Click Here for Story

Detroit Education Scene: A March To School Choice

  Detroit resident Christina Gray sends her two children to a charter school in the city, something that would have made her an outlier just six years ago. … more

Michigan’s Most Popular Uber Destination is in the City That Once Banned It

  The most popular Uber destination in Michigan in 2017 was the student bar Scorekeepers in Ann Arbor. The app makes it very easy for students to order a car when traveling over a mile from Michigan Stadium on game day. … more

Snowflake Society

Adolescence begins at age 10, doesn’t end until age 24—and society needs to get on board, op-ed saysAdolescence should last until 24? Click Here for Story

Dems Came to Their Senses?

Did Schumer’s shutdown bluff  fail miserably? Click Here for Details

Upping the Security at Airports

TSA puts more scrutiny on cargo Click Here for Story

Time to Crack Down?

Many companies are still hiring illegals Click Here for Details

Being Christian is Dangerous?

10 countries where being a Christian could cost you your life Click Here for Story

FBI Not What It Once Was

 “Losing” information has become a regular Deep State control tactic Click Here for Details

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