Friday January 26, 2017

More Than Generous

President Trump said Wednesday that his administration would consider offering a path to citizenship for so-called  President is willing to help Dreamers if big changes can be made to immigration, border security and wall funding Click Here for Details

State Budget Rose $5.9 Billion During Gov. Snyder’s Tenure

  As Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder delivered his final State of the State address, it should be remembered that the state budget has grown. … more

 If taxpayers are concerned about the condition of Michigan’s roads, they should know that it’s not their fault. The state agency in charge of road repairs has more money coming in now than in any other year, with one unusual exception. … more

Lesson Learned?

Senate Dems say they won’t try to shut down government to protect Dreamers Click Here for Story

Inspector General Finds Missing Texts

What’s next? Click Here for Details and Video

What The Media Never Showed You?

 Photo of Obama and Louis Farrakhan show up now Click Here for Story

California Crazy? California Straw Law

Darth Straw Cup New legislation could fine waiters $1000 for serving plastic draws without customer permission? Click Here for Details

A New Negotiating Track

President holds money to Palestine to get them to bargain fairly Click Here for Story

Competition to NFL?

 Vince McMahon announces possible XFL league for 2020? Click Here for Details

Dirty Mueller?

 As FBI Director Robert Mueller helped cover up another investigation Click Here for Story

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