Saturday January 27, 2018

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Democrats Renege on Helping Dreamers?

POTUS offer on helping Dreamers calls out the Democrats on their lies? Click Here for Story

School Choice Week Puts Michigan Progress in Perspective

  For the eighth straight year, National School Choice Week shines a light through the midwinter gloom by bringing people together to celebrate the importance of providing students and families with a wide variety of educational options.  … more

The Outrage of a Snowflake

Shepard Smith goes after the FBI memo narrative in a scathing monologue Lib anchor Shep Smith rails at Release the Memo Click Here for Story

DOJ IS the Deep State?

Dept Of Justice does NOT want the FISA Memo to be released to the public Click Here for Details and Video

Opiates by Mail

Chinese opiates using US Post office service Click Here for Story



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