Tuesday January 30, 2018

Bye Bye McCabe

FBI Deputy Director given his walking papers Click Here for Details

House Committee Votes to Release the Memo

Intel committee votes to release the FISA Memo to the public Click Here for Story and Video

Should the GOP Really be Nervous for 2018

Too early to tell but best to get some work done Click Here for Story

Media Plays Games, Misleads Readers When Its Target Is School Choice

  Media accounts that give a negative view of public charter schools sometimes cite alleged supporters of school choice as their critics. Doing so gives the story a man-bites-dog quality that gives the criticism extra weight. But what is the person cited doesn’t support school choice after all? … more

As Medicaid Costs Skyrocket, States Have a New Opportunity to Innovate

  States have seen Medicaid costs skyrocket over the last decade as the program has expanded to cover many more individuals than originally intended. But new guidance from the federal government gives states the flexibility to innovate in administering the program amid budget-busting health care obligations. … more

Still the Sore Loser

Hillary bashes The President with fake book Click Here for Details

On The Trump Train?

Mitch McConnell says 2017 was the best year in decades for the GOP Click Here for Details


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