Thursday February 1, 2018

Media in Disarray But Why?

How can the media be confused over a President who does what he said he would do? Click Here for Story

SOTU Speech Gets High Marks

75% approval of President’s Stae of the Union speech Click Here for Details

Detroit Would Mandate Video Surveillance, Make Businesses Pay

 A proposed ordinance in the city of Detroit would require certain private companies to install surveillance equipment, connected to the internet, which would allow police to watch a live video stream from both inside and outside of the establishment. … more

Michigan House Votes to Protect Electronic Data

The Michigan House of Representatives recently passed a bill to protect personal electronic data, with nearly unanimous support. … more

Trey Gowdy Retiring

Trey Gowdy announces retirement from CongressWill leave Congress  and go back to the Justice system? Click Here for Details

Joe Kennedy Gets Flack

SOTU response gets the wrong type of attention Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Is Earth’s magnetic field about to flip? Click Here for Details

Nasty Nancy

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is the posterchild for obstructionist haters in Congress Click Here for Details and Video

Why the ACLU is Anti-American

ACLU complains that President uses the word America 80 times in speech Click Here for Story

One Good Democrat

Senator Manchin admits SOTU speech was good Click Here for Details and Video

What the Heck?

Black Congressional Democrats won’t applaud news of lowest Black Unemployment ever Click Here for Story

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