Friday February 2, 2018

#ReleaseTheMemo !!

Ground Hog Day

groundhog_day_2018_when_is_groundhog_day_what_day_is_groundhog_day_groundhogs_day_punxsutawney_phil-0.jpg What will the weather prediction be? Click Here for Details

Memo Release Friday?

Allegedly we will see the FISA Abuse Memo on Friday Click Here for Story

Flu Tips

4 tips to help you avoid the Flu Click Here for Details

Detroit Tax Officials Eye Blake Griffin’s $171M Salary

 New Detroit Piston Blake Griffin would pay the city of Detroit about $190,000 a year in income tax based on the “jock tax” the city has developed for professional athletes. … more

Renewable Energy is Not Cheaper After All

 Renewable energy advocates claim wind energy is an obvious, market-based energy choice. If wind is as affordable as they claim, removing targeted subsidies and mandates should cause them no distress.  … more

Nationalized Cell Phone Network?

What’s the skinny on rumors of a nationalized US cell phone 5G system Click Here for Story and Video

Senate GOP Continue Their Gutless Actions

Trying to stop the release of the FISA abuse memo? Click Here for Details and Video

Is It Too Late for Germany?

Protests begin to erupt over mass immigration into Germany Click Here for Story

First Douchebag

Michele Obama goes back to her America hating ways Click Here for Details and Video

FBI Hiding

One day after calling Memo accurate FBI begins backtracking to stall release Click Here for Story and Video

Mueller Investigation is Nothing but Politics

Investigation will be proved to be built on false allegations Click Here for Details

Democrats Panic

Memo will show abuses by Democrat power holders Click Here for Story and Video

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