Saturday February 10, 2018

More Egg on the Face

Image result for mark warner senator Another Democrat caught in odd meetings over phony dossier Click Here for Video and Click Here for Hypocrisy

Will POTUS  Release Dem Memo?

President says revisions needed in Dem version of FISA abuse memo because of security issues Click Here for Details

Snowy Weekend

Michigan and Midwest getting hit hard by latest snowstorm Click Here for Story

Snyder, New Report Pitch for More Education Dollars

Twice this month, the drum has sounded for more dollars to fund Michigan’s public schools. As of now, we don’t know where the extra funds would come from, but there’s every reason to doubt more money will have any significant impact on student achievement. … more


US Army holds drill that pairs live soldiers with ground robots equipped with machine guns US Army trains with live fire robots and ground troops? Click Here for Details

GOP Forced to Increase Spending?

POTUS says Democrats forced GOP into spending more to pass budget Click Here for Story


House Minority Leader says this about her grandson Click Here for Details and Video

Transparency Reins

NYT photographer says Trump gives more access than Obama Click Here for Story

Good News

Dreamers threaten to leave US if no DACA? Click Here for Details

Stocks Close Up

Wild ride includes 300+ on Friday Click Here for Story


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