Tuesday February 13, 2018

Fat Tuesday

POTUS Budget Gets Praise

Speaker Ryan praises Trump budget and infrastructure plan as thoughtful Click Here for Details

But…Its a Spending Spree?

Freedom caucus says new budgets are outrageous Click Here for Details

Last Year, Flint Schools Got Double The State Average In Funding

 The city of Flint’s public school district received $20,166 per pupil in operations funding in 2016-17, more than double the state average. … more

Snyder, New Report Pitch for More Education Dollars

 Twice this month, the drum has sounded for more dollars to fund Michigan’s public schools. As of now, we don’t know where the extra funds would come from, but there’s every reason to doubt more money will have any significant impact on student achievement. … more

Senate Immigration Plan

GOP senators to introduce immigration bill with DACA amnesty, massive border security spending DACA and Border Security funding included Click Here for Story

Complicit Media

These media outlets are fawning over Human Rights abusing North Korean regime Click Here for Details

Israel Preps

Boosting defenses in wake of Syrian and Iranian threats Click Here for Story



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