Wednesday February 14, 2018

Valentines Day

FBI Director Chastises the Media

Tells the media you’re not covering Hillary’s two investigations Click Here for Details

Flint Schools Hanging On After 77 Percent Enrollment Decline Since 2003

 Erroneous media reports of Michigan teachers taking pay cuts are almost commonplace, but teachers employed by the Flint school district have a legitimate claim of stagnant pay. … more

Last Year, Flint Schools Got Double The State Average In Funding

 The city of Flint’s public school district received $20,166 per pupil in operations funding in 2016-17, more than double the state average. … more

Higher Education?

Prof says Australia not a country, fails student who says it is — and displeased school takes actionStudent failed by Professor who said Australia ISN’T a Country? Click Here for Story

Senate Pushing for Immigration Deal

Debate to finish up in the Senate this week? Click Here for Details

Radical Islam’s New Base?

Has Sweden become a new base for Radical Islamic networks? Click Here for Story

It’s Working

 Fed runs a surplus after tax break with record tax collections Click Here for Details

California Crazy

Xavier Becerra California Attorney General threatens lawsuit against Feds for asking about citizenship on census forms Click Here for Story

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