Thursday February 15, 2018

School Shooting in Florida

Numerous fatalities shooter in custody Click Here for Story and Video

Why Does N Korea Want Nukes?

US Pacific Commander says its to conquer South Korea? Click Here for Story

Michigan College Lands On Wrong Kind Of Top 10 List

 A First Amendment advocacy group included a small private liberal arts college in southern Michigan in its latest top 10 list for worst free speech policies in the country. … more

Michigan Considers Allowing Ex-Offenders to Work as Health Professionals

 Under Michigan law, people with a criminal record are severely limited or banned from working in health care professions. … more

CIA Hits Back at NYT

Claims that the CIA  was duped for big cash are untrue? Click Here for Story

Bi-Partisan Senate Group Has Immigration Deal?

Could a deal pass in the Senate? Click Here for Story

Liberals Don’t Want Our Military Voting?

The Center for American Progress wants to limit overseas military vote Click Here for Details

Swinging Polls

Generic ballot pics show GOP is gaining for 2018 election Click Here for Story

Where Did It Go?

POTUS donates his salary to the Department of Transportation Click Here for Details

Judges Promote Lawlessness

DACA is not Constitutional but liberal Federal judges are upholding it Click Here for Story


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