Thursday March 1, 2018

Sessions on Hot Seat

President again questions AG Sessions performance? Click Here for Story

Heavy Snow for SE Michigan

March storm could be a big problem Click Here for Details

Michigan PTA Needs Refresher On Law Governing Charter School Admissions

 The Michigan Parent Teacher Association incorrectly claimed that public charter schools can pick and choose their students. … more

State Corporate Welfare Agency Picks Winners That Turn Out To Be Losers

 The state’s corporate welfare agency predicted jobs and a big return on its investment when it paid out $2.5 million to a company. Instead, that business went bankrupt. … more

Wall Building Clears Big Hurdle

Surprising decision by judge? Click Here for Story

Doubling Down

Democrats not moderating but heading further left Click Here for Details

PBS Conservative?

Public broadcasting launches new conservative talk show? Click Here for Story

Incompetent Senate

Fewest approved appointees in 4 administration Click Here for Details

Arm the Teachers

concealed carry holsterIllinois School district moves to arm teachers and protect kids Click Here for Story

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