Monday March 5, 2018

Mueller Futility

Putin says Russians charged by Mueller will never face charges in US Click Here for Story

A Lot Fewer Detroit Public Schools Teachers Rated ‘Highly Effective’

 A few years ago, while the highly regarded National Assessment of Educational Progress rated the Detroit public school district as the nation’s worst urban school district, the district’s administrators determined that more than four out of five of its teachers were “highly effective,” the best rating an Michigan educator can receive. … more

Quitting Dicks

Two employees resign over company’s biased decision on gun sales Click Here for Details

Globalists Don’t Like US Tariffs

Theresa May raises concerns with President over steel tariffs Click Here for Story

Youtube Censoring

Goes after Alex Jones Channel Click Here for Story

Schooling the Baby Killers

Ben Shapiro squares off with libs who support abortion Click Here for Details

Hypocrite Hollywood

 Hollywood elite will push for gun control at Oscars while they stand behind their well armed bodyguards Click Here for Details

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