Friday March 9, 2018

POTUS Does It Again?

North Korea agrees to meet with President about North Korea Click Here for Details

Democrats Against Gays?

Richard Grenell in a photo via his eponymous website. []Senate Dems refuse to approve Gay Ambassador to Germany Click Here for Story


Yep age discrimination suit against Dicks Sporting Goods Click Here for Details and Video

Noteworthy In 2017: School Pensions Reformed, No Annual Contribution Shortfall

 For the first time in eight years, the state of Michigan put more money into its public schools employees’ pension fund than accounting rules require. Contributing less than that in most years is how a pension funding shortfall has grown large. … more

Enough with School Walkouts

Schools may discipline students who participate in National School Walkout gun control protests Students could be punished in some districts and encouraged in others over gun protest walkouts Click Here for Details

Stormy Nothing

No one cares about Stormy Daniels Click Here for Details

Trump on Cohn

Cohn obviously has uses even though he’s a globalist? Click Here for Story and Video

From the Science Side…

Developing pigs for human organ transplant Click Here for Details

Not Preparing Our Children

  Marine Corp Commander says less than 30% of US young men and women qualify for military duty Click Here for Story and Video

2018 Senate Trouble for Dems

Could there be losses for Dems in the Senate? Click Here for Story

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