Saturday March 10, 2018

Nokos Will Come to The Table?

Is this a win for POTUS or another head fake by North Korea? Click Here for Details

Noteworthy In 2017: School Pensions Reformed, No Annual Contribution Shortfall

  For the first time in eight years, the state of Michigan put more money into its public schools employees’ pension fund than accounting rules require. Contributing less than that in most years is how a pension funding shortfall has grown large. … more

So Much for the Blue Wave?

Are Democrats banking on false hopes? Click Here for Story

NRA Sues Florida

NRA sues over new Florida gun legislation: reportAge discrimination comes into play on gun sales Click Here for Details

Sailor Gets Pardon

US Submariner gets pardon from the President Click Here for Story

Import 3rd World Become 3rd World

Iranian embassy in London gets raided by terrorists Click Here for Details

Democrats Are Anti-Semites?

 Jewish Coalition asks for Dems who are tied to Hate-Preacher Louis Farrakhan Click Here for Story

Coward of Broward?

Deputy at Parkland shooting caught in lie Click Here for Details

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