Sunday March 11, 2018

Hurting Themselves?

Democrats and banking bills Click Here for Story

Whitmer ‘Tired Of … Corporate Tax Giveaways’ But Voted For Dozens

  Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer has tried to play both sides of the fence when it comes to her position on corporate welfare. … more

Did Nothing

Susan Rice gave ‘stand down’ orders to intel officers working on counterattack to Russian meddling Obama Admin intentionally avoided reacting to Russian meddling Click Here for Story

Bwahahaha  Wait for It…

SNL bashes Mueller investigation? Click Here for Details

UFO Footage

Navy pilots get video footage of Unidentified Flying Object Click Here for Story

Stumping with Trump

POTUS heads to Pennsylvania to help GOP candidate Saccone Click Here for Details

Coming for Your Guns?

Dems want confiscation as the long term solution Click Here for Story

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