Saturday February 23, 2013

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Would Sequestration Mean Cuts to Local Airports?

Another scare tactic or is it real and if so would it really have an effect on you? Click Here for Story

Point 08 it Is?

House Panel votes to keep blood alcohol limit at .08 for driving Click Here for Details

College Subsidies Redistribute from Poor to Rich

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

One of the main misunderstandings by those who want the state to subsidize college degrees is the assumption that this will directly lead to more wealth. But this is an example of “the cart pulling the horse” — that is, people who graduate from college are already capable of great wealth before they actually get a degree. … more

Looking For Savings In The Corrections Budget

Despite fewer prisoners and employees, state spends more on prison system

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

In response to Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal to increase the gas tax and auto registration fees, many legislators are looking for alternatives. This has increased the emphasis on trying to squeeze as many dollars as possible out of existing revenue. … more

The Cronyism Continues

Corporate Cronyism at it’s worst. Obama pal gets Obamacare loan despite having the worst consumer complaint record in the state of New York Click Here for Details and Video

The Real Story on Sequestration

Everything you need to know about the cuts from Obama’s Sequestration

Is the sky falling or is this just another government ruse to scare you into giving your support for continued spending of money the govenment doesn’t have? Click Here for Details

Waffler in Chief

See Obama blame, See Obama play the numbers, See Obama threaten to Veto. The president changes his story as he looks to duck blame, confuse the voter and threaten Congress in Video below.

States Will Pay a Price for Anti-2nd Amendment Legislation

Ammunition and Firearm Companies stop selling to state’s with anti gun legislation Click Here for Details

Why Do We Need More Gun Laws?

The Federal Government won’t enforce the ones we have now, federal gun prosecutions are down  Click Here for Story

The Truth Behind the 2008 Financial Crisis

Everything you thought you knew was wrong?Bad thinking and bad responses from a government with no idea of the private sector Click Here for Details


 Boehner to Obama: You Built the Sequester – WSJ Opinion

The Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Editor Steve Moore talks about Boehner’s response to Obama Play Video below

Read Speaker Boehner’s Editorial Response

  Click Here for Editorial

Bob Woodward Says Obama Lies on the Numbers

  An eye opening article from the ultimate Washington watchdog Click Here for Details


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