Sunday February 24, 2013

Defending Subsidized Mass Transit

  Q&A for a new A2 train station Click Here for Story

Inaction Costs When it Comes to Roads

The longer we wait the more expensive it gets Click Here for Details

And the Academy Award Goes To …

By Bruce Edward Walker Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Based on real-life events, “On the Waterfront” introduces Malloy as a once-promising boxer who “coulda been a contenduh” but for taking a fall at the behest of union goons betting against him. His life has been relegated to errand boy for the mobbed-up union boss Johnny Friendly (Cobb), who employs both Terry and his bookkeeping, attorney brother Charley “The Gent” Malloy to do his dirty work. … more

The Breathtaking Greed of the Self-Proclaimed Cassandra

by Michael Goodell

It still being too cold to Reoccupy Wall Street, tens of thousands of baristas and grad students descended upon the nation’s capital yesterday to protest the perpetually proposed Keystone XL pipeline. It was your … Click Here for More

Proposed Law Would Prevent Unemployment Benefits For Certain Drug Users

By Tom Gantert Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

A Republican state representative is proposing a bill that would prevent people who lose a job because of a failed drug test from receiving unemployment benefits. … more

Gas Going Up …Economy Going Down?


Will soaring prices scare consumers and drop the economy? Click Here for Story


What’s the Problem With Universal Background Checks?

The government will keep the records as registration and ultimately confiscation Click Here for Details and Video

 Obama’s FAA Cuts


Obama chose the the sequester domestic cuts to FAA and now has his scare team out blaming Congress and scaring taxpayers Click Here for Details



Listen to this Ex- Secret Service Agent’s Speech on Gun Control

Play Video Below

No Transparency

  FBI probe of NASA leak blocked Click Here for Story


The Million Dollar “Government” Man



Federal employee, Dan Arvizu pays himself a cool million a year? Click Here for Story


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