Tuesday February 26, 2013

ACLU’s Silly Request

ACLU wants Police to stop using Tasers Click Here for Story

Washtenaw and Livingston to Get Hit By Big Snow

Could be the biggest of season with up to 7 to 8 inches Click Here for Details

The Facts on Subsidized College Degrees


By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

When the government subsidizes higher education, it becomes cheaper for people to access, so more people apply. The demand for college rises, which in turn drives the price of tuition up. At the same time, as the price of college rises, politicians are urged to spend more as universities become more empowered and invested in making sure those appropriations keep coming. And students are less likely to pay attention to their ability to actually afford what they are purchasing, let alone have a sense of the value of their degree. … Click Here for more

The Lie of Sequestration

Obama and company cry about laying off employees as they continue to hire new ones Click Here for Story

District’s P.E. Teachers Average Tens of Thousands of Dollars More Than Math and Science Employees


Like most public schools, Wayne-Westland pays educators only on degree-level and longevity

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

In the Wayne-Westland Community Schools, high school math teachers are the lowest paid as a group and make on average almost $25,000 less a year than the physical education teachers. The high school science teachers make $11,000 less than the district’s gym teachers on average. … Click Here for more

Gun Rights are Complicated

And the Courts are making it worse Click Here for Details

The Scaring Continues

Napolitano tries her own scare tactics over sequester Click Here for Story


Lincoln’s Sequesterburg Address

by Michael Goodell

If, after a decade of relentless growth in spending, you believe that the federal government operates on a bare bones basis, and that even the slightest reduction in the rate of increase must necessarily cause draconian cuts in essential services, then you might be an Obama voter. For the rest of us, the dwindling few still capable of rational thought, such dire threats are … Click Here for More

Gun Friendly States

Texas and Mississippi look to court gun owners and businesses Click Here for Details

FLOTUS Goes to Oscars

  How much did this trip cost us? Click Here for Story

Senator John

Prositute confirms SEnator Menendez paid for sex? Click Here for Details



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