Thursday February 28, 2013

Conservative Groups Oppose HB 4111 – Obamacare Dollars

For immediate releaseFebruary 27, 2013
Contact: Jack Hoogendyk

Kalamazoo – Several conservative groups have banded together to oppose HB 4111, the appropriation of $30.6 million for the implementation of the Obamacare Health Insurance exchange partnership. A final vote is expected on the bill at noon, Thursday on the house floor.
“Most Conservatives and Republicans in Michigan do not want anything to do with Obamacare,” said Jack Hoogendyk, President of Citizens’ Alliance for Life and Liberty. “These exchanges are being forced on us by the federal government and now, in an attempt to make it more palatable, the feds are offering us a $30.6 ‘gift’ to help us with setting up the technology to eventually accept a flawed health care law with thousands of pages of rules and regulations that will transfer control of our health care to bureaucrats in Washington. It will only serve to drive up the cost of insurance on hardworking Michigan families and the resulting tax increases on business will kill jobs in the state.
“Now it appears that the governor and the Speaker, knowing they do not have the votes on the Republican side of the aisle, are looking to the Democrats for 51 of the 56 votes needed to pass the bill. This is unacceptable.”
Citizens’ Alliance for Life and Liberty, Madison Project of Michigan, Core Principles, MI-CPAC, Michigan Conservative Union, Independents for Responsible Government (I4RG) and numerous “tea party” groups across the state will be scoring this vote.
“We will be tracking the votes of legislators who are looking to reelection in 2014,” said Hoogendyk. “There are thousands of grass roots activists who are ready to go to work to elect or UN-elect lawmakers in the primary of 2014, based on their loyalty to conservative principles.”  CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES GO TO CONTACTS ABOVE


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