Saturday March 9, 2013

Eagle Encounter

Saline Family gets close up with Bald Eagle in Backyard Click Here for Story

Who Wants the Senate?

Names begin popping with exit of Levin in Senate race Click Here for Details

Michigan Taxpayers Already Paid for ‘Oz’

Film costs state taxpayers almost $9 each

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Film subsidies are an expensive way for state lawmakers to look like they are “doing something” with the added lure of bringing Hollywood stars in state. But almost no economists or researchers who have looked at film subsidy programs have found an economic benefit, making this a policy flop. … more

Public Employee Pension Systems Raided To Pay Film Studio Bills

Michigan teachers and state employee systems paid $1.68 million so far for Pontiac studio
By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidenital

At a time when Michigan’s public sector employees’ retirement plans are underfunded by tens of billions of dollars, the state is tapping those funds to pay the bills of a Michigan movie studio that defaulted on its own bills. … more

The Difference Between Public and Private Sector Unions

Two different animals Click Here for Details

McCain and Paul: Elevator Talk?

After McCain’s nasty comments about Rand Paul they have to share an elevator Click Here for Story and Pics

Rand Paul on the “Pittance” of a Sequester

Play Video Below


Ryan Has New Budget Plan

Will the Dems scoff at this one too? Click Here for Details

More Stupidity Form Our Educational System

Teachers take toy soldiers off cupcakes at birthday celebration. How can educators this stupid teach anything good to our children Click Here for Story

Hollywood Starlet to Run for KY Senate Seat

Ashley Judd puts hat in the ring Click Here for Story

Air Force Hides Drone Data?

Website scrubbed of targeting information Click Here for Details





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