Sunday March 10, 2013

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Housing Heats Up

A2 housing shortage as buying begins again Click Here for Details

Rogers Says Maybe to Senate Run

Congressman says its under consideration Click Here for Story

How They Voted Weekly Roll Call

The Michigan Legislature recently took up bills dealing with “indefinite detention,” petting zoos, the DNR and more. … more

Medicaid Expansion: The Decisive Obamacare Battle


While grass roots activists here are focused on a so-called Obamacare “partnership” exchange, special-interest lobbyists are mounting a full-court press for something far more critical to the law’s survival: Its Medicaid expansion. … more

Defund ObamaCare?

Momentum building but is there enough guts in the Republican Party to do it? Click Here for Story

Al “The Hypocrite ” Gore

Opens his mouth and looks foolish again Click Here for Story

Boehner Support Tentative

Some GOP Housemembers are sending up warning signs Click Here for Details

New Career?

George W. Bush may be a pretty good artist? Click Here for Video

Make It Painful


Another Federal employee says the Administration wants to punish the American people over Sequester cuts Click Here for Story


More Gun Makers Refuse to Sell to Government

The number has tripled in last two weeks Click Here for Details

Welcome to Afghanistan

Bomb explosion kills at least 9 as a welcome to new Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel as he marks 1st visit to Afghanistan Click Here for Story

Obama’s State Department Reverses Itself

Will NOT give Women of Courage Award to anti-semite and America hater Click Here for Story

Too Conservative?

Is The View firing its only conservative co-host? Click Here for Details

 With Friends Like These…

Karzai accuses US of working with Taliban? Click Here for Story

From the Science Side?

Seattle Bar will ban Google Glasses Click Here for Story


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