Wednesday March 13, 2013

Hot Talk at School Board Meeting

Some teachers offended by Brighton School Board member comment Click Here for Story

State Rep. Bill Rogers disappointed in Brighton’s school deficit reduction proposal

State Rep. Bill Rogers today applauded the state Department of Education’s decision to reject a deficit reduction plan submitted by the Brighton School District.  Rogers, R-Brighton, is chair of the House Appropriations subcommittees on the Department of Education and School Aid.

The Brighton School District had a $7.3 million legacy deficit at the end of last year and was required to submit a deficit reduction plan to the state.  In the plan Brighton submitted they projected student enrollment numbers were to increase by 1,400 students and they automatically assumed they would be granted a $100 per-pupil increase in funding from the state.

“The Department of Education absolutely made the right decision rejecting this plan,” Rogers said. “I am disappointed that the school district would submit a plan such as this, and am frankly a little confused. The plan is extremely unrealistic in both the increase in students they are projecting as well as the funding increase.  “I encourage the school administration and school board to start working together to find solutions and budget reductions which will provide the school district with a stable budget based on realistic numbers.”

Commentary: Natural Gas Plants Better Than Wind Turbines

By Kevon Martis  Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential
Climate change activist James Hansen has said, “Suggesting that renewables will let us phase rapidly off fossil fuels is almost the equivalent of believing in the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.” But this has not prevented the Michigan Environmental Council and its affiliates from making a full-throated appeal for far higher renewable energy mandates at Gov. Snyder’s statewide series of energy roundtable meetings. … more

Will Gov. Snyder Get Stuck With ‘Tax Hiker’ Label?

Roads plan could tilt the scale to a net tax increase
By Jack Spencer |Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

If Gov. Snyder were to get the gas tax and vehicle registration fee hikes he has proposed, that would tip the scale to a net tax increase in his first term.  … more

Ignoring US Pressure on Nukes

Iran Thinks The United States is in Decline Click Here for Story

Are You Next?


Mother threatened with charges for speaking out against doubling property taxes Click Here for Details


Hune Reminds Residents to Appeal Property Taxes if Unfair

Sen. Joe Hune announced Tuesday that boards of review have begun analyzing tax assessments on persons that have appealed their assessment, and he would like to remind residents to appeal possible incongruities before it is too late.

Hune said that residents who believe their assessment is in error may appeal to their local board of review and, if necessary, the Michigan Tax Tribunal. No attorney is necessary. Hune has included on his website a link to the “How to Effectively Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment” guide for additional information on this process. The guide, along with a willingness to explore all possible mistakes, may help residents obtain a favorable adjustment, the lawmaker said.

“Many miscalculations in tax assessments have happened over the years, and I am urging residents to appeal such assessments if they think there may be a mistake,” said Hune, R-Hamburg. “The boards of review try to review assessments as quickly as possible, and with the tax guide, residents may be able to save money this year.”

Taxable value is the most common item on tax returns that is incorrect or improperly calculated. Taxable value was introduced in 1995. It is the value used to calculate property taxes. Annual growth in taxable value is capped at the rate of inflation, or 5 percent, whichever is less.  The State Equalized Value (SEV) must still reflect 50 percent of a property’s true cash value and may increase (or decrease) by more than the rate of inflation or 5 percent in any tax year.

It is important to remember that property taxes are no longer based on the SEV. Changes to a home’s assessed value will reduce one’s taxes only if it is an amount lower than the taxable value. You can find the How to Effectively Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment guide, as well as many other helpful guides, at Residents can also contact Hune’s office by emailing or calling toll free 855-JOE-HUNE.

Not Enough?

Dems slam GOP’s Ryan Budget that gets US to a balanced budget in 10 years time but is that too late.  No cuts just slowing the growth Click Here for Story

Palestinian Rockets Killed Reporters Baby


Initially the news media blamed Israel for the death of a BBC reporter’s child but UNited Nations Investigation shows it was a Palestinian rocket Click Here for Details


And We Elected You Why?

Senate Democrats budget offer includes another $1 Trillion in new taxes Click Here for Details

Government Hiring Despite Sequester

Nearly 2600 Gov’t jobs advertised since last week’s sequestration “cut” Click Here for Story

US is NOT Protected From Nuke Attack

We are not as prepared as we should be says US General Click Here for Details and Video

Your Taxes Going to Outrageous Causes

Hate groups, Islamic militants and abortion houses get your tax dollars Click Here for Details



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