Friday March 15, 2013

A Win for Religious Freedom and the Good Guys!


Tom Monaghan wins judgement against the Federal government for attempting to require him to provide contraception coverage for employees Click Here for Story


Snyder Appoints EFM

Detroit now has and Emergency Financial Manager Click Here for Details and Video

House GOP Not Passing Senate Bill Continues Lansing Tradition Of Underfunding Pension System

Last Summer, House Republicans refused to pass Senate plan ending ability for government to create new unfunded liabilities

By Jack McHugh and James M. Hohman | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

This underfunding has practically become an annual Lansing tradition: This will be the eighth year out of the past 10 that the state has put in less than the actuarially-recommended amount. … more

Teacher Pension System Hole Getting Deeper: State Falls $290 Million Short On Pension Funding


House GOP could have ended defined benefit system last summer, chose not to

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

For the eighth time in the past 10 years the State of Michigan has failed to meet the “annual required contribution” level estimated to catch up on unfunded school employee pension promises. … more

Boehner Declines Papal Visit

Obama offers trip to Boehner to join VP Biden but Boehner wants to work on the budget Click Here for Story

Smug Senator Feinstein Gets Schooled on Constitutional Rights


Senator Ted Cruz one ups Feinstein over her gun ban bill Click Here for Details

And another participant can be heard grumbling on a live microphone Click Here for Video

Biden Doesn’t Believe Gun Control Will Work

Even as he tries to take your guns?  Play video below


GOP Senators Want Info on Detainee Release

Why is the Obama Administration really releasing illegal immigrant criminals? Click Here for Story

Money Over Voters

Obama tells contributors their money can help his campaign overcome voter objections?  Click Here for Details

Iran Goes for Another US Drone

Backs off after US fighters step in Click Here for Story

New Pope Is a Simple Man

Has avoided luxury and lives simply Click Here for Pic

Rand Paul Fires Up CPAC

Conservatives looking good at conservative gathering Click Here for  Video




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