Saturday March 30, 2013

U of M Moves Forward to Elite 8

End of the road for MSU’s March Madness Click Here for Details

Nicely Done!

Everybody pitches in. Pinckney Schools and Teachers come to mutually disliked agreement with two year contracts Click Here for Story

I’m Just a Bill

Bills of Interest from

By Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential sends out a weekly roll call vote report to newspapers showing how legislators in their area voted on the most important or revealing votes of the week. The Legislature is on spring break, so rather than votes this week’s report contains several recently introduced bills of interest. … more

Kent County Considers Land Bank Changes

By Audrey Spalding | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

A Kent County Board of Commissioners subcommittee is recommending that the Kent County Land Bank be prohibited from purchasing tax-foreclosed property prior to tax auction. If Kent County commissioners approve this recommendation, they will be taking a step toward both encouraging private-sector development and saving taxpayers money. … more

Slamming Jim Carrey

With comedian’s release of anti-gun comedy skit Fox’s Greg Gutfeld unleash’s on Jim Carrey Click Here for Video and Story

Is Common Core In Your School?

Some truly outrageous components to your child’s education Click Here for Story

Pushing Obama

Why the Hold up? GOP pushing Obama to approve Keystone pipeline Click Here for Video

1st Step to Outlaw Homeschooling?

Obama to deport German family that homeschools? Click Here for Story

Vacationers in Chiefs?

Obama daughters go from Bahamas to Idaho ski trip in same week did the Admin try to scrub the local report? Click Here for Story and Video

Biden Gets Third Vacation of Year

What work is actually getting done? Click Here for Details

Global Gas Tax?

International Monetary Fund wants to raise your gas price by $1.40 a gallon Click Here for Details and Video

Stupid Spending

Germany spends billion to allegedly delay global warming by hours? Click Here for Details

Taking a Lot

Cyprus depositors will now lose up to 37% of their savings Click Here for Story

NOKO’s Continue Rhetoric

North says a state of war now exists between NOrth and South Korea  Click Here for Details








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