Sunday March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Sunday!

Upgrades for A2 North Main Area

Roundabouts and other improvements on the slate Click Here for Details

Setback for Military Tribute

Different location needed for Military memorial Click Here for Story

Senate Moves Forward on Immigration

Big Labor and Big Business setting aside differences? Click Here for Details

Liberals Feel Insulted?

Some liberal pundits feel the new GI Joe movie is a slam against Dems and Obama Click Here for Details

New FCC Appointment Critical

Different sides want different persons Click Here for Story

Group Supplies Free Shotguns in Crime Ridden Neighborhood

Plans to track crime stats from before and after giveaway Click Here for Details

Political Correctness Gone Too Far

No Purple Hearts for Ft Hood Survivors Click Here for Story

No Freedom of Expression

Egypt orders arrest of popular satirist Click Here for Details

Hmmm; A Halt in Warming for the Last 20 Years?

New data throws curveball at Climate Changers Click Here for Story


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