Tuesday April 2, 2013

We The People

Constitutional debate team gears up Click Here for Details

Commentary: Higher Scrutiny of Government ‘Investments’

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

The federal and state governments promote “green” investments as both job creators and a path toward a clean energy future. Instead, it is a prime example of how misaligned incentives harm taxpayers and the economy. … more

Poll Results Could Be Positive Indicator For Right-to-Work Advocates

Michigan State University poll finds only 41 percent think right-to-work law will hurt Michigan

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

According to a new poll, 59 percent of Michigan adults think the new right-to-work law will either help Michigan’s economy or have no impact on it. … more

Not Listening?

Gang of 8 Refuses to meet with ICE union officials on immigration reform Click Here for Details

1st Amendment Issue?

Reporter doesn’t want to reveal source Click Here for Story

Texas Says NO to ObamaCare

Governor Perry pushing against Obamacare even if loss of Fed dollars Click Here for Details

Mexican Drug Cartels on the Move?

Are Mexican drug agents infiltrating America? Click Here f0r Story

Who is Killing Texas Law Officials ?

Strange series of murders in Texas Click Here for Details

US Navy Beefs Up

Sends another destroyer to Korean peninsula Click Here for Details

China Adds to the Game

Chinese troops active near N Korea border Click Here for Story

1st Major American City to go Belly Up

Stockton CA gets bankruptcy go ahead Click Here for Details



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