Thursday April 25, 2013

The Obama Recovery?

Homeless population double in Ann Arbor Click Here for Story

Hune Seeks Taxpayer Input

Have you been stung by high medical bills? Click Here for Information

Commentary: Time to Overhaul Auto Insurance Laws

By Jarrett Skorup |Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Since they have less disposable income, sky-high car insurance rates harm poor Michiganders the most. In Detroit, the nation’s poorest major city, car insurance costs $3,059 to $8,403 per year. That makes owning a vehicle difficult, which in turn keeps them in poverty. It’s hard to have a job when you don’t have a vehicle and it’s hard to have a vehicle if the insurance costs are too expensive. … more

State Has Weak History of Punishing School Campaign Finance Law Violators

Past school districts that broke the law received only $100 fine

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

To promote a $100 million bond proposal, the Secretary of State found that Traverse City Area Public Schools violated state campaign finance law by urging voters to support it. … more

Dem Senate Moves Internet Tax Forward

The Feds want their chunk of internet cash Click Here for Details

More on the Mystery Saudi

Why is the Federal Government fiddling with this guy’s records? Click Here for Details

Export Overhaul

Admin looking to change export regulations Click Here for Story

Being PC Can Get Us Killed

Boston bombing could have been prevented if FBI wasn’t being politically correct? Click Here for Details

Bomb US and Get Paid by US?

Boston bomber was receiving welfare Click Here for Story

Obama’s Jihad?

Five successful Jihadist attacks on Obama’s watch Click Here for Details

Ignoring the Warnings

Russian told US about Dead Bomber multiple times Click Here for Story

Pushing Foodstamps

This is how we got to 47 million on assistance Click Here for Details

Why Did Michelle Obama Visit Saudi Student

Is this Michelle? You decide but if it is why would she visit this person? Click Here for Story

Green Stealing

Another Green company folding taking your money with it? Click Here for Details




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