Sunday April 28, 2013

The News You Need to Know

The Hunt for a New President

U of M needs a new President; whats that person look like? Click Here for Details

Brighton Schools to Eliminate Admin Positions

Budget shortage falls on administrative positions Click Here for Story

MichiganVotes: Bill Would Increase Portion of Public Employee Health Care Cap

Average Michigan resident still paying more than public-sector workers

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Senate Bill 323, sponsored by Sen. Bruce Caswell, R-Hillsdale, would amend the 80/20 and hard cap law that was passed in 2011. That law requires school district and local government employees to pay at least 20 percent of the cost of their health care benefits, or alternatively, caps the employer’s aggregate costs through a formula that adds up the amount spent on coverage for individual, individual-plus-spouse, and family plans. … more

Lack of Candidates for US Senate

Key states have no real viable candidates for US Senate seats Click Here for Story

We’re Not Done With Benghazi

Hillary and the Obama Admin have not answered all the questions Click Here for Details

Foot in Mouth Joe Says Gun Control Isn’t Done

VP BIden says Newtown broke the camel’s back? Click Here for Story

Why Didn’t the Feds Act?

Russia knew Tsarnaev brother was a terrorist suspect Click Here for Details

Out of Touch With America

US Attorney General Eric Holder says amnesty for illegals is a civil right? Click Here for Story and Video

Firing Civil Servants

  Greece begins mass firing of civil servants for the first time in a century.  Is this America’s future? Click Here for Details

Obama Promises More Pain?

Continues to blame sequester and demands his budget be passed or Americans will continue to feel pain? Click Here for Story

Learning from Mexico?

Mexico detains illegal immigrants Click Here for Details






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