Sunday May 5, 2013

Happy Cinco De Mayo


Rent in downtown Ann Arbor is skyhigh for a skyrise Click Here for Details

Primary Vote on Tuesday

Livingston County District 5 has an unneccessary primary set Click Here for Story

 MichiganVotes: Proposed Bill Would Provide Accountability For Land Banks

County land banks rife with problems

By Jarrett Skorup |Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

The Wayne County Land Bank scooped up 240 acres, spent $26 million on “improvements,” and sold the land to a developer for $1 with the promise of thousands of jobs – who promptly turned around and re-sold seven of the acres for $179,000 while the jobs never materialized. The Kent County Land Bank has blocked more than 40 properties from being sold, stopping sales to private developers in order to fund themselves – despite state law prohibiting the entities from doing so. The land bank in Genesee County wants to selectively subsidize housing for certain government employees. … more

Your Money…Down the Immigration Toilet

Change in Gang of 8’s Immigration bill will cost billions Click Here for Details

Does Medicaid Hurt The Poor

Mis-information and mis-perceptions in the media Click Here for Story

The Dems Do Want Gun Registry

This Congresswoman admits it Click Here for Details

More Airstrikes in Syria

Israel worried chemical weapons can fall into wrong hands Click Here for Story

Syria Calls Israeli Strikes an Act of War

What will the consequences be of raid on munitions dump? Click Here for Story

7 More Americans Lose Their Lives

Deadly blast in Afghanistan and attacks Click Here for Details

Cover Up?

State Department blocked witness testimony for months on Benghazi Click Here for Story

Minority Farm Program Fraud

Another Federal giveway program is rife with fraud Click Here for Details

Monopoly Fraud?

Texas power company collects non-existent taxes from customers Click Here for Story

The First 3D Printed Gun

Not tested yet but ready to go Click Here for Details

Obama Admin Recruits Jihaddists?

At least they ignore their connections Click Here for Story






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