Thursday May 16, 2013

Funny How Some Service Providers Like Obamacare

But it costs you more Click Here for Details

Union President Blames State, School Officials for Problems at Buena Vista, Pontiac Schools

MEA President Cook turns a blind eye to union’s role in districts problems

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

In Pontiac, the district spends about $16,400 per pupil, according to the state. In recent years, the district has lost 45 percent of its students — but the local school board and union negotiated a contract that caused the average teachers’ salary to jump 35 percent, from $56,781 in 2007-08 to $76,449 in 2010-11.  … more

Michigan Tea Party Group Says It Is A Victim of IRS Discrimination

The IRS has been unfairly targeting groups that promote limited government

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy Of Mich Cap Con

When the Ottawa County Patriots tried to register as a non-profit a few years ago, the IRS dragged its feet for over a year. The group joins the ranks of those across the nation which were singled out for additional scrutiny because of their politics, says the group’s leader. … more

Heads Beginning to Roll?

But is that enough for what the IRS has done? Click Here for Details

Or Did the IRS Exec Plan on Leaving Anyway?

Email says he was leaving next month so did he really get fired? Click Here for Details

And This IRS Bureaucrat Got a Bonus?

Director got bonus while presiding over targeting Click Here for Story

Jail Time?

Boehner says someone should go to jail over IRS targeting Click Here for Details

White House Trickles Out Emails

As pressure mounts the Obama Admin releases a paltry 100 pages of emails Click Here for Story

What Will Petraeus Say if Testifying?

Already speaking against the talking points Click Here for Details


Lowering the Blood Alcohol limit to .05% means you can go to jail for one drink? Click Here for Details

Me Thinks He Doth Protest Too Much?

Holder lashes out after being grilled on his seizure of AP phone records Click Here for Story

And Now the EPA Scandal?

The EPA is also accused of playing favorites with liberal groups Click Here for Story

Water Poisoning Attempt in Boston?

7 foreign nationals arrested at reservoir near Boston Click Here for Details

Media Matters No Friend of The Media

Soros funded group sides with Obama Admin and the DOJ against the Associated Press Click Here for Story

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