Wednesday May 22, 2013

Michigan Doing Well in Venture Capital?

Michigan doing well in venture capital investment Click Here for Story

Brighton Council Race Taking Shape

Big withdrawal leaves opportunity? Click Here for Details

Commentary: Movie Made in Israel Gets Michigan Tax Dollars

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Michgan Capitol Confidential


Michigan taxpayers will be providing corporate welfare to a production company outside the state for a film shot entirely in another country. … more


District Spent $20K Per Student, Had Rodents In Schools, Holes In Ceiling and Walls

Student: ‘We had to worry if something was going to crawl on us … if the ceiling was going to fall in on us’

By Audrey Spalding | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Despite the Highland Park School District spending $19,634 per pupil in 2010-11, which was the highest in the state, the schools were so mismanaged that they had rodents in the classrooms, holes in the ceilings and walls, and horrendous filth in the bathrooms. … more

The Grilling Continues

Congress keeps up pressure on IRS Click Here for Details

More Benghazi Whistleblowers

Are they now feeling safe enough to testify? Click Here for Story

Pleading the Fifth on IRS Scandal? Guilty?

Obama’s IRS looking guiltier by the minute Click Here for Details

Obama Paying a Terrorist

Ft Hood Shooter collecting big salary while waiting trial for killing American soldiers here in America Click Here for Story

CBS Reporter’s Computer Hacked?

Reporting on Fast and Furious got her computer hacked Click Here for Story and Audio Interview

Hillary May Be in Hot Seat

Will new testimony bring Hillary Clinton back under investigation ? Click Here for Story

Hillary’s ScapeGoat

Speaking out; the only State Dept employee to lose job begins talking Click Here for Details

Was Weapons Running Behind Benghazi?

It’s looking more likely everyday Click Here for Story

Obama Protecting Terrorists?

Looking like a pattern as Obama refuses to allow military to apprehend identified terrorists Click Here for Details

A Win for Immigration Enforcement

Finally a break for pro-enforcement on immigration Click Here for Story

Why is The Fed Supporting Foreign Banks?

Bernanke is pumping Fed money into foreign banks Click Here for Details






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