Thursday May 23, 2013

The Miracle of 3D Printing

Doctors use 3D printer to save boys life Click Here for Story

Art in the Park Coming Soon

Pinckney Festival kicks off summer Click Here for Details

Commentary: Medicaid Expansion Wrong Even with Reforms

By Jack McHugh |Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

This bad law is vulnerable on many fronts: legal, political, administrative, technological, perverseness. While outright repeal is unlikely under the Obama administration, it is possible Congress — including the Reid Senate — will be forced to open the law for amendment, at which point who knows what favorable changes the then-current climate of public opinion would allow (or demand).  … more

No Free Lunch: $15 an Hour Fast Food Workers Would Lead to Lost Jobs

No Free Lunch: $15 an Hour Fast Food Workers Would Lead to Lost Jobs

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Economists and business experts agree that if government mandated that fast food workers got $15 an hour, jobs would be lost and services would be cut back. The least skilled would be hurt the most. … more

Hiding the Truth

Emails show Treasury Dept hid IRS targeting scandal last year Click Here for Story

FBI Shoots Person of Interest

FBI shoots man being interviewed in connection with Boston Bombing Click Here for Story

IRS Scandal Grows

IRS knew targeting was happening 6 months before 2012 election but didn’t tell Congress Play Video Below

Get More to this story Here



What to Take Away from Today’s IRS Scandal Hearing Click Here for Information

We Need Jobs…GOP House Agrees

And the GOP led House votes to override Obama on Keystone pipeline , will the Senate follow?  Click Here for Story and don’t forget to call Your Senators!

Muslim Animals Butcher Off Duty Soldier in London

Islamic extremists murder and try to behead soldier Click Here for Details

Freedom of the Press No More

Justice Dept seized 5 Fox reporters phone records Click Here for Story

Going for Nukes

Iran continues march toward nuclear ability Click Here for Details



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