Tuesday June 4, 2013

Gas is Higher…Again

What’s the excuse for the latest outrageous jump in gas prices? Click Here for Story

Off the Hookah

Hookah bars prompt concern Click Here for Details

Average Teacher Salaries Climb

By Michel Van Beek | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

New data released by the Michigan Department of Education shows that the average public school teacher salary in Michigan increased slightly for the 2011-2012 school year to $62,631. This was up 1.7 percent from 2010-2011 year, but 0.6 percent less than the all-time high of $63,024 reported by the MDE for 2009-2010. … more

Michigan School Districts In Perpetual ‘Funding Crisis’

No matter the funding, lobbying groups always pushing for more

By Tom Gantert Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The various lobbying groups on behalf of the conventional public school system have sent out “action alerts” for years, and even decades, talking about the “crisis” of districts needing more money. This prompted one school board member to refer to it as “a crisis that never ends.” … more

Shenanigans at the EPA

Former Director used fake names and got certifications under them? Click Here for Details

Bilderberg Guest List

Always worth checking out Click Here for List

Ya’ll Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

IRS scandal about to get worse Click Here for Story

Power of the Purse

GOP threatens IRS with control of money Click Here for Details

Lies, Lies and Lies

See video of the constant lies the Obama Admin has been caught in Click Here for Story and Video

1st Step?

Sec. Of State Kerry says US will sign UN Small Arms Treaty Click Here for Details

Who Will Christie Appoint?

Will NJ Governor appoint a GOP Senator or Dem? Click Here for Story

Rioting in Turkey Continues

Culture being ripped apart? Click Here for Details

Taking DNA is OK?

Supreme Court rules police can take DNA of arrestees Click Here for Story

Obamacare Doomed to Failure?

2/3 say they won’t insure under Obama care Click Here for Details


IRS Employees say targeting campaign came from Washington DC Click Here for Story

Wisconsin Puts Brakes on Common Core

Budgeting may put hold on implementation of Common Core Click Here for Details

Back Peddling?

Liberal Professor back tracks on his indictment of the NRA Click Here for Story



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