Wednesday July 3, 2013

Can You Help?

Police want help identifying restaurant burglar Click Here for Story and Pictures

NSA Snooping is Tyrannical

Libertarians give their view on the NSA scandal Click Here for Details

Capitalism Kills … Poverty

New report from The Economist details progress

By Bruce Edward Walker | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

The Economist explains what those of us who believe in free markets have known for years: “[T]he biggest poverty-reduction measure of all is liberalising markets to let poor people get richer.”  … more

Bin Ban: City Pushes To Ban Select Charitable Collections

By Anne Schieber | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Michigan cities, which love to pride themselves on being green, are giving a red light to outdoor recycling bins on private property.  … more

Limiting the Obamacare Mandate

Another problem? Delay of one year in the works Click Here for Details

College Staffer Told to Remove Cross Necklace

  “You could offend incoming Freshman”  What would happen if they asked a Muslim woman to remove her Burka? Click Here for Hypocrisy

A Lie, An Apology

At least one of Obama’s Directors apologizes after being caught in a lie to Congress Click Here for Story

What’s Obama’s Deal with the Muslim Brotherhood?

Actions speak louder than words in the Middle East  Click Here for Story

No Russia for Snowden?

Bid for Russian asylum withdrawn Click Here for Details

What Will Military do in Egypt?

Morsi rejects military ultimatum Click Here for Story and Video

Greece Facing Deadlines Again

EU wants assurances Click Here for Details

LIVE Feed from Egypt

Video from Cairo’s Tahrir Square Click Here for Video

Suspend Constitution in Egypt?

Military will suspend constitution  if situation doesn’t improve Click Here for Details

No Borders Brainwashing?

Michelle Obama calls for Youth to be Citizens of the World Click Here for Story







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