Driver Sought in Hit and Run

Man killed on West Liberty identified but driver still on loose Click Here for Details

Will This One Work?

Green energy deal for Green Oak Click Here for Story

Top 10 Suburban Elementary and Middle Schools

By Audrey Spalding |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Michigan’s top suburban elementary and middle schools come from across the state, with the No. 1 ranked suburban school in Dearborn Heights in Wayne County, according to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s new “Context and Performance” report card, which factors student poverty levels into standardized test scores for over 2,000 public elementary and middle schools. … more


Snyder Administration Pushing To Distance Medicaid Expansion From Obamacare

Gov. Snyder, Lt. Gov. Calley and others now using the phrase, ‘Healthy Michigan’

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Originally, Obamacare included the expansion of Medicaid to help cover some of the country’s uninsured, but the Supreme Court said that was unconstitutional. So, now the federal government is using money from the Obamacare bill to entice states to expand it on their own, says one health policy expert. … more

Obamacare Debacle

GOP Senator says defund Obamacare Click Here for Details

..And Another Obamacare Problem

How many more problems will crop up before implementation? Click Here for Story

IRS May Lose Budget Money?

House GOP look to slash IRS budget Click Here for Details

Trees Planted in Swastika Formation

Trees change color in fall leaving a swastika each fall Click Here for Story

Fed’s Quantitative Easing is Stealing

No different than Cyprus stealing deposits? Click Here for Details

Is Obama Breaking His Own Law?

Deos Obama have the right to break the rule of Obamacare? Click Here for Details

Stupid Spending

Senator Harry Reid still believes stealing taxpayers money to spend makes the economy grow Click Here for Story

From the Science Side

Nightmare: Waking to find yo almost had your organs removed Click Here for Story

You Can’t Fool Forensics

Nationally known forensics expert says Trayvon Martin was on top of Zimmerman when he was shot Click Here for Details

Riot Plan for Zimmerman Trial

Broward County looks to handle riots if Zimmerman found innocent Click Here for Story

US Says Total Pullout in Afghanistan Possible

Deteriorating relations with Karzai could have zero US troops present Click Here for Details

US Military Discriminates Against Christians?

Do Christians need protecting? Click Here for Story

First Smart Move by IRS

Ending employee bonuses a good idea Click Here for Details






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