Friday July 12, 2013

Snowden on the Move?

Is Snowden on plane bound for Cuba? Click Here for Story

What Are Your Mineral Rights?

Saline couple have no choice but to sell their mineral rights under state law Click Here for Details

Getting the Bump Up

Pinckney School Superintendent gets upgrade to LESA Superintendent Click Here for Story

Delay Strengthens ‘No Medicaid Expansion’ Case

Postponing employer mandate makes Obamacare more vulnerable

By Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Mackinac Center analysts have argued that Michigan legislators should not adopt the Obamacare Medicare expansion because doing so reduces the likelihood of this vulnerable law being amended next year, perhaps in ways that significantly reduce the harm we believe it will cause. The case for no expansion became much stronger this week with the Obama administration’s decision to postpone enforcement of the law’s “employer mandate.” … more

Top 10 Rural Elementary and Middle Schools

By Audrey Spalding |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s new “Context and Performance” report card factors student poverty levels into standardized test scores for more than 2,000 public elementary and middle schools in Michigan and ranks the schools accordingly. Here’s a list of the top performing rural elementary and middle schools on the report card. … more

House Passes Farm Bill

Without the food stamp funding; will tackel that seperately? Click Here for Details

Finally, A Liberal Gets It

Liberal TV host slams Islam for another terrorist act Click Here for Video and Story

From the Science Side

Birth of Giant Baby Star? Click Here for Details

If Not You, Then Who?

State Dept’s Victoria Nuland denies crafting Benghazi memo Click Here for Details

Obama Nuke Policy Flawed

China is growing its nuclear arsenal and the US is making it’s smaller Click Here for Story

Al-Jazeera Biased?

Employees quit over pro- Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood reporting Click Here for Details

Microsoft Helped NSA?

Taught NSA how to crack encrypted emails? Click Here for Story

Morsi Ouster Costs Christians

Christians in Egypt targeted for retribution Click Here for Details

US Ships Move Closer to Egypt

Prepping for trouble? Click Here for Story

Another Federal Failure at US Park Service

Hundreds of weapons lost by employees Click Here for Details

Harry Reid and the Nuclear Option

Will change rules in Senate to force approval of Presidential nominations Click Here for Story


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