Thursday July 18, 2013

Ann Arbor Art Fair 2013!

Get the info you need for this years Fair Click Here

High Flying Restoration

WWII bomber comes to Livingston for restoration Click Here for Details

Helicopter Government: Mother May I?

By Michael J. Reitz |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Politicians and bureaucrats have embraced the “duty” to prevent every possible harm that you might inflict on yourself. Whether attempting to relieve the discomfort of poor choices, prohibiting behavior that would otherwise be acceptable, or mandating elitist-approved conduct, the State has taken on a parental role. And what a bad parent it is. … more

As ‘Higher Education Bubble’ Accelerates, Alternatives Emerge

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

At a time when some experts are predicting a “higher education bubble” and many companies are placing less of an emphasis on college degrees, new organizations are working to connect potential workers and employers while avoiding the traditional university model. … more

Senate Agreement is a Fine Line

Appointment moves forward slowly Click Here for Story

Would Obama Snub Putin?

With relations already bad would Obama risk putting off a meeting with Russia over Snowden? Click Here for Details

The Ill Effects of Obamacare

Over a million may move workers to welfare? Click Here for Story

Boehner Wants Citizenship for Children of Illegals

Says its about fairness Click Here for Video and Story

House Okays Obamacare Delay

Is the program going to fail before it starts Click Here for Details

Poll Shows Public Supports Zimmerman Verdict

66% support the verdict Click Here for Story

IRS Scandal to Get Worse?

IRS employees ordered  to send Tea Party cases to an Obama political appointee Click Here for Details

Immigration Reform Can Be Done

…if done the right way; this from Grover Norquist Click Here for Story

Outrage of the Day

As Feds furlough employees they buy TV’s for Gitmo detainees Click Here for Details

From the Science Side

Russian jet fighters get increased life support system in cockpit Click Here for Story

School Lunches Turn Deadly

In India dozens of school children die after eating poisoned free lunches Click Here for Story






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