Monday July 29, 2013

Dive Teams Look for Missing Fisherman

Body believed to be in Whitmore Lake Click Here for Story

No Thank You

Top Ann Arbor School Superintendent candidate says no Click Here for Details

Commentary: Unions Cry Crocodile Tears on Municipal Pensions

House Bill 4804 would make it easier for local governments to get out of defined benefit system

By James M. Hohman and Jack McHugh | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A bill that would help local governments wind down their unsustainable “defined benefit” pension systems is causing unions to rev up their spin machine to stop it. … more

Calumet High School Ranks No. 1 For Schools Located In Towns

Part of a series on schools scoring highly on the Mackinac Center’s ‘Context and Performance’ report card

Calumet High School, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, ranked first of all the high school locations in towns and 8th best of more than 500 conventional high schools, according to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s 2012 High School Report Card, based on Context and Performance scores.  … more

NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional?

Colorado Senator Mark Udall says its close Click Here for Details

Revenge for Trayvon?

Another innocent victim gets beat and robbed by criminals claiming its for Trayvon Martin Click Here for Story

Candidate Lunch?

The ever active Campaigner in Chief is set for lunch with Hillary Clinton Click Here for Details

Will Media Buy Into Obama’s Phony Scandal Lie?

Despite all the evidence and their own investigations will the media swallow Obama’s latest propaganda? Click Here for Story

What Recovery?

4 out of 5 face poverty in US? Click Here for Details

Egypt Falling?

Will crackdown bring civil war or eventual rest Click Here for Story

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