Thursday August 8, 2013

A2 Schools Get Sued

Forcing stduents to pay for 7th hour class becomes issue Click Here for Details

I-96 Closures

Be informed on upcoming traffic closures Click Here for Story

Commentary: Former State Treasurer Diverts Blame for Detroit’s Problems

By James M. Hohman | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Former State Treasurer Robert Kleine argued in the Detroit Free Press that the state is responsible for sending Detroit into bankruptcy. That is partially correct, but not for the reasons Kleine listed. As former state treasurer, he had the responsibility of helping city officials prevent and address fiscal stress. Obviously that didn’t happen. … more

Health Policy Expert: GOP Medicaid Reforms ‘Out Of The Stone Age’

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Linda Gorman is not impressed with Michigan’s proposed Medicaid expansion plans. “My goodness, these are out of the Stone Age,” said the senior fellow and director of health policy with the Independence Institute in Denver. “Couldn’t they at least have brought them up to date?” … more


Looks like the IRS and FEC were conspiring against tea party groups? Click Here for Details

Lone Survivor

The Marcus Lutrell Story Click Here for Details

Obama Snubs Putin

Snowden actions deepens wedge between Russia and US Click Here for Story

Clinton Disarmed Troops on Base

Ft Hood wouldn’t have been such a massacre otherwise? Click Here for Details

Congress Gets Waiver from Obamacare

But you have to abide by the law Click Here for Story

Major Health Insurers Running from Obamacare

Health system overhaul is falling apart Click Here for Details

Wide Open Border

Abandoned U/Mexican border can be walked through Click Here for Story


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