Thursday August 15, 2013

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A2 School Board to Vote on Superintendent Contract

And a sinking millage Click Here for Details

MEA President Goes After Local Teachers’ Union President

By Tom Gantert |oourtesy of Mich Cap Con

“I’m angry that he has painted me inaccurately,” said Jim Perialas, president of the Roscommon Teachers Association, which decertified from the MEA last year. “I’m more angry that he continues to deceive good teachers who deserve good leadership.” … more

Pension ‘Assumptions’ are the Problem in Detroit, Statewide

By James M. Hohman and Jack McHugh |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The failure of Detroit’s pension systems has been blamed on a long list of abuses and unfortunate economic events. Unfortunately, that has had the effect of understating the most fundamental source of the failure: deeply flawed assumptions about future investment and payroll growth. … more

Legal Foundation Appeals Circuit Court Dismissal of Lawsuit Related to 10-year Forced Dues Agreement

The three Taylor Teachers represented by Mackinac Center Legal Foundation have also filed charges with the Michigan Employment Relations Commission … more

They Didn’t See This Coming?

Obama Admin caught surprised again in Egypt…another foreign policy faux pas Click Here for Details

Losing His Base?

Liberal Director Oliver Stone turns on Obama Click Here for Story

No Evidence of Blocking Voters

Voter ID laws do not prevent voters from voting Click Here for Details

OHHH! Clinton Corruption?

Guess whose reporting on Bill and Hillary’s Foundation problems Click Here for Story

Obamacare Costing Hours

Unions, colleges and businesses are cutting employee hours Click Here for Details

Benghazi Was About Arms Dealing?

Were deaths in Benghazi about missing rockets? Click Here for Story

Do As I Say Not As I Do?

White House reject gun free zone around Obama Click Here for Story



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