Sunday August 25, 2013

Beware Counterfeit Bills

  Ypsi area seeing small denomination counterfeit currency Click Here for Details

Blogger Targets Congressman Mike Rogers?

Conflict of interest; real or imagined? Click Here for Story

Medicaid Study: ‘Waivers Are Temporary, Expansion Is Forever’

By Jarrett Skorup | Capitol Confidential Confidential

A study to be released next week challenges the claim of some Michigan lawmakers that by adopting the Obamacare Medicaid expansion states can gain greater flexibility in reforming the medical welfare program, which is operated as a state-federal partnership. … more

The Weekly Rundown

Recap of the 15 stories you may not have seen this week Click Here for Stories

US Moves Ships to Eastern Mediterranean

  4th warship moved toward Syria Click Here for Details

Syria Warns US Not to Attack

Attack would result in “Ball of Fire” Click Here for Story

DHS’s “Race Hater” Employee Put on Leave

After spewing violent rhetoric about killing white people, Ayo Kimathi gets administrative leave…with pay Click Here for Details

More NSA Nonsense

  Employees spied on their loved ones? Click Here for Story

3600 Syrians Treated for Neurotoxins

Results of chemical attacks devastating Click Here for Details

Race Baiting

Who really is living MLK’s Dream? Obviously not his son Click Here for Story

More Ignorance form Powell

Colin Powell second guesses jury of peers in Zimmerman Trial. Is he looking for VP spot under Hillary? Click Here for Details

On The Wrong Side Again

Dept of Justice wants to stop poor children from getting vouchers to get out of failing school districts Click Here for Story





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