Monday August 26, 2013

10 Years of Patience and Suffering

Synagogue has endured 10 years of hurtful protests from Anti-Semites Click Here for Details

Stop HB 4714 TODAY! Contact MI GOP Senators ‏Today!

This is our last chance to stop HB 4714 in the Senate. The vote is as tight as it can get.  So we have to email and call each and every Senator one more time.   Bill Gordon says:The politicians supporting Medicaid expansion will NOT be in office to answer for the fiscal hardship this will cause us. In 2016, Michigan Taxpayers will have to start sharing the cost for 300,000 to maybe as many as 500,000 people being added to Medicaid. That money will come OUT of schools, OUT of roads, and OUT of your pocket in TAX INCREASES.

Please contact all MI GOP Senators NOW!  Tell them to vote NO on HB 4714 which will expand Medicare/Medicaid and will lay the groundwork for establishing Obamacare health insurance exchanges in MI. They are likely to vote on this August 27.  If we stop them this time, I think we’ve got ‘em.  So please email and call as many senators as you can ASAP.  Please email and call them all if you can.  If you can only call a few, here are the priorities:

Sen. Arlan Meekhof  (517) 373-6920

Sen. Richardville (517) 373-3543

Mike Kowall  (R) 15th State Senate District (517) 373-7840

Tom Casperson  (R) 38th State Senate District (517) 373-7840
Dave Hildenbrand (R) 29th State Senate District (517) 373-1801
Howard Walker   (R) 37th State Senate District (517) 373-2413
Mark Jensen (R)  28th State Senate District (517) 373-0797
John Pappageorge (R) 13th State Senate District  (517) 373-2523


Federal loans for higher ed are like crack for Universities Click Here for Story

TEA Party Leader to run for Michigan Lieutenant Governor

Wes Nakagiri, a TEA Party leader from Hartland, Michigan, announced today that he will be seeking the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor in 2014.  The founder of RetakeOurGov, Nakagiri has submitted his Statement of Organization to the Bureau of Elections, the first step in forming his campaign committee.

“I am running to bring a conservative voice to the current Lansing administration.  Having a grassroots conservative on the 2014 ticket will energize the base of the GOP to come out and work hard on its behalf.  This energy and enthusiasm will pay dividends up and down the ballot,” said Nakagiri.

It is widely known that a majority in the Republican Party are at odds with major policy initiatives being pushed by the current administration.  “TEA Party Republicans, conservative Republicans, traditional Republicans, and libertarian-leaning Republicans are strongly opposed to the proposed expansion of Medicaid and proposed increase in the gasoline tax,” Nakagiri noted.  “The sentiment among many segments of the GOP is having a conservative, freedom-minded individual in Lansing would be beneficial from both a policy and a political point of view,” continued Nakagiri.

Nakagiri went on to say, “The expansion of Medicaid is a particular sore spot with many Republicans.  There is no doubt that the expansion of Medicaid is a key component of Obamacare.  Indeed, this expansion is directly at odds with the Republican Party platform.  Many in the party are disillusioned that our executive leadership is going against a key plank in our platform.”

Building on this point Nakagiri added, “Violating the platform is analogous to breaking a contract with the Republican voter.  Our word should be our bond.  When I’m elected as Lieutenant Governor I will not sit passively by when Republican Party leadership promotes legislation that does not coincide with the party’s stated vision.  I will be an outspoken advocate for following the United States Constitution, the Michigan Constitution, and the Republican Platform.” Nakagiri will be in Lansing this week to urge Senators to vote against the expansion of Medicaid.  A close vote is expected, perhaps even a 19-19 tie.  In the case of a tie the Lieutenant Governor would cast the tie-breaking vote.  To this Nakagiri said, “I can guarantee that if I were the Lieutenant Governor I would be voting against expansion.  It is mind-boggling to many that we as a society would even think about piling more debt on the backs of future generations.  We really need to focus on expanding freedom, not government.” For more information about Wes Nakagiri go to

White House Condones Voter Fraud?

DOJ suit against Texas shows disdain for voting rights for citizens Click Here for Details

Obama Silent on Death of Australian

  No words from Obama Admin on racist killing of Chris Lane Click Here for Story

Corruption at EPA

Obama corruption continues and spreads at Environmental Protection Agency Click Here for Details

Arming the Rebels

Does the world know who they’re giving weapons to? Click Here for Story

NSA Bugged UN?

Surveillance of United Nations Click Here for Details

Poll: Egyptians Believe Obama Backs Muslim Brotherhood

Perception of US not good in Egypt Click Here for Story

CAIR Cancels Politically Incorrect Training?

Council of American Islamic Relations gets police to cancel Anti-Terrorism training  Click Here for Details


Military removes Nuclear commander Click Here for Story

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