Tuesday September 3, 2013

Labor Unions: Off Message and Out of Touch

Having failed their manufacturing members Unions now looking at trying to unionize fast food workers Click Here for Details

STDs on the Rise

Sexually transmitted disease cases growing Click Here for Story

Are You Kidding Me?

Political Correctness has terrorists applying to the CIA? Click Here for Details

Questions for Hagel and Kerry

What do we know and what do we do? Click Here for Story

France is Ready to Go

Convinced that Assad forces used chemical weapons Click Here for Details

Even Rangel Says Its Embarrassing

Congressman Charlie Rangel says Obama Admin flubbed Syrian response Click Here for Story

Kerry Says Climate Change is Irrefutable?

Really just like an attack on Syria? Click Here for Details

Dissolving the Muslim Brotherhood?

Egyptian judges recommend the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Click Here for Story

More Green Waste

Obama Admin can’t stop trying to give money away to green companies that go bankrupt Click Here for Details

The Burning Man Festival

Arts and Oddities Click Here for Story and Pictures

An Odd Benefit of Syrian Problem?

Internal problems in Iran may develop over Syrian support Click Here for Details

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