Wednesday Sept 4, 2013

How Did Closing Main St for Football Game Work?

A few complaints but no real problems? Click Here for Details

Common Core Fears

New bills look to stop negative impacts Click Here for Story

Union Executive Calls Most Member Grievances ‘Frivolous’

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A local Teamsters union president complains about people his union represents filing grievances, but ignores the fact that unions have asked for, and received, exclusive representation of all workers. … more

Commentary: State, Media Encourage Playing the Lottery

People should be investing in themselves

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

At a time when our benevolent bureaucrats at the city, state and federal level are all about “nudging” people to make better decisions, the government teams up with the media to promote one of the most irrational ways for people to spend their money — state-supported lotteries. … more

Strange Bedfellow

Boehner backs Obama on Syria strike Click Here for Details

Not Well Liked

Egyptian newspaper says President Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Click Here for Story

Hillary Supports Syrian Attack

Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton supports attacking Syria Click Here for Details

Syria Attack is in Our National Interest?

Some GOP and Dem leaders say so Click Here for Story

Not Taking His Job Seriously?

Senator John McCain caught playing video game during Syria hearing Click Here for Details

Libya:  Now in Ruin and Lawless

This is what happened the last time we interfered in a civil war Click Here for Story

Too Much Warning

Obama’s telegraphed attack gives Syria time to hide weapons Click Here for Details

US Service Personnel Not Happy About Syria

Not wanting to help Rebels who may have Al Qaeda ties Click Here for Story

House GOP May Not Follow Boehner

GOP House Leader may not have his votes Click Here for Details

Pay Raise for Fed Employees

Obama gives pay raises, did you get one? Click Here for Story

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