Thursday September 5, 2013

Ann Website Closing Up

Moving to Click Here for Story

This is What an MSU Education Buys You?

MSU Prof. William Penn blames senior citizens and Republicans for the ills of American Society? Play Video Below

MSU English Professor Threatens Students in Anti-Republican Rant

Video shows professor berating Republicans; calls them ‘dying white people’

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A Michigan State University Creative Writing professor was caught on video saying Republicans are old people with “dead skin cells washing off them” who raped the United States. He then threatened students who might be “closet racists.” … more

Denim and Diamonds

LaCasa fundraiser back again Click Here for Details

GOP Controlled Legislature Passes Medicaid Expansion; Headed to Governor for Signature

State Rep.: ‘Medicaid does not offer the best option of care for the expanded population’

By Jack Spencer |Courtesy of Mich Cap COn

On a 75 to 32 vote Tuesday, the state House concurred with the Senate’s version of House Bill 4714, which will expand Medicaid in Michigan. Now, Gov. Rick Snyder, who asked for the measure, can sign it into law. … more

US Senate Panel Approves Syria Strike

Resolution to attack Syria gets thumbs up Click Here for Details

College Subsidies Drive Up Costs


Prof. Richard Vedder on college subsidies

By Jarrett Skorup |Courtesy of Cap Con

Two statistics in an interview with The Wall Street Journal stand out about college education costs: In 1970, 12 percent of college graduates came from the bottom quartile. Today that number is 7 percent. And the six-year graduation rate for most universities is about 55 percent. These numbers are despite massive rising subsidies over the past decades. … more

Congressman Asks About Obama Admin Credibility

During Secretary Kerry’s attempt to get Syrian attack support he gets grilled on Benghazi Click Here for Story and Video


Obama says he didn’t set a red line in Syria? Click Here for Details

Justice…and Savings

Kidnapper Ariel Castro doles out his own justice by hanging himself in Prison and saves tax payers thousands Click Here for Story

Senate Resolution on Syria Could be Trouble

Plenty of loopholes for a wider engagement Click Here for Details

Now We’re Mercenaries?

Kerry says Arab countries will pay us to get rid of Assad Click Here for Story


Doctors admit people kill people not guns Click Here for Story

Chemical Weapons Were Used…

But are we certain it was Assad and not rebels? Click Here for Details

Walker’s Message

Unions hate fiscal responsibility Click Here for Story

War of Words?

Putin puts the pressure on Obama to prove Syria used the Chemical Weapons Click Here for Details

Reality Can be an Ugly Thing

What does Vladimir Putin think? Click Here for a Take on What he May be Thinking



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