Wednesday September 25, 2013

Oh NO!

The sequel to “Dumb and Dumber” underway Click Here for Story

Boil Water Alert for Green Oak

  Subdivisions in Green Oak Township under boil water advisory Click Here for Details

SEIU Under Investigation over Prop 4

‘Dues Skim’ took $35 million from Medicaid recipients

By Jarrett Skorup | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The Detroit News reported that the State Bureau of Elections began a formal investigation of the SEIU regarding its financing of a ballot proposal last year. Proposal 4, which would have locked into the state constitution the skimming of millions of dollars each year from the caretakers of disabled people, was defeated by 14 percentage points. … more

Road Funding Finds New Target With Horse-Drawn Vehicles

Amish community, tourism are targets of $50 per carriage registration fee

By Tom Gantert | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A bill has been introduced in the State House that would allow counties to charge a $50 registration fee for horse-drawn vehicles, but an advocate for horse-drawn vehicles in Michigan says the bill targets the Amish and tourism. … more

Flawed Study Says Michigan Cut School Funding

But it ignores billions of dollars

By Audrey Spalding |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A new report on school fuding from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities ignores billions of dollars, a major flaw that Mackinac Center for Public Policy experts identified last year. In its analysis of school spending for 2007-08, the CBPP left out about $10 billion in education funding, including $6 billion in revenue from property taxes and $1.4 billion in special education money.  … more

Cruzing Through a Filibuster?

Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz try to stop Senate Dems from adding Obamacare funding Click Here for  Live C-Span         Click Here for Details

Hillary Wants a Shutdown

Hopes that it adversely affects the Republicans Click Here for Story

Obamacare Already Damaging Health Care

One man’s night mare because of the Allegedly Affordable Care Act Click Here for Details

More Record Taxes

State and Local taxes also hitting all time highs Click Here for Story

Faker in Chief

Obama has over 19 million fakes twitter followers Click Here for Details

Obama Snubbed

Iran refuses meeting with Obama? Click Here for Story

Kenyan Siege Over

61 civilian dead Click Here for Details

Another Obama Epic Green Energy Fail

  Over $99 million given to company that folds Click Here for Story

Liar or Just in Dreamland?

Obama says world is more stable than 5 years ago Click Here for Details

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