Thursday September 26, 2013

Howell Airport Improvements

Bringing business to Livingston County? Click Here for Details

Brighton School Finances Looking Better

High hopes to wipe out deficit Click Here for Story

High Taxes Make Cigarettes ‘Gold Bars’ For Thieves

Government has helped make cigarettes more valuable by imposing $2 per pack tax

By Tom Gantert | courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Cigarettes have become a wanted item among thieves in Michigan because they are easy to sell and command a high price, police say. The inflated value comes from government imposed taxes. … more

Citizen Journalists Should Not Be Shut Out By Government

Stories exposing drunk teacher union contract provisions, fake tea party came from alternative news sources

By Manny Lopez |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Efforts are underway locally and nationally to define who is a journalist. But alternative sources of news, including local blogs, have been responsible for major scoops that helped shape local and national issues. Consider: The Bay City teachers’ union contract that allowed teachers to show up to work drunk five times; and the fake tea party in Oakland County. Those are but two stories that traditional journalists didn’t uncover but had a significant impact on local government and public policy. … more

Bills Targeting Dubious Licensing Laws Held Up In The Legislature

Interior designers, auctioneers, community planners all subject to regulations

By Jack Spencer | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

Eliminating regulatory burdens was something Gov. Rick Snyder said he wanted to address. But movement on legislation to remove licensing requirements in the state has been minimal. More than 30 bills pertaining to the elimination of occupational licensing are either in the House Regulatory Reform Committee or the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee. … more

The Mower Gang: #Anarchy in Detroit, Part I

Private people picking up the slack left behind by government. Play Video Below

October 17, is Debt Ceiling Deadline

Secretary of Treasury Lew  says mid-October Click Here for Details

Is The Fed Leaking Info?

Chicago trading reacts within milliseconds to Bernanke decision Click Here for Story

Ted Cruz Finished Strong After 21 Hours

Despite opposition from Top Dems and RINO John McCain Click Here for Details and Video

Good for Thee But Not for Me

Jay Carney says Obamacare is great but he’s not taking it Click Here for Story and Video

Left Hanging

Obama falls flat at the UN on Iran Click Here for Details

Video of Ship Yard Shooter

FBI Video released of killer Aaron Alexis Click Here for Video

Obamacare Madness

Premiums doubling and tripling Click Here for Details

Food Stamp Country

Now up to 47 million in US on food assistance Click Here for Story




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