Friday September 27, 2012

This Year’s Flu Vaccines

What you need to know Click Here for Details

Cracking Down on Compounding Pharmacies

The meningitis problem is addressed by Congress Click Here for Story

Americans Side With Putin?

Poll says more Americans think Putin is right on Syria than Obama Click Here for Details


Obamacare Costs Still A Mystery Days Before Key Provision Takes Effect

By Jack Spencer |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The scheduled date for enrollment to begin on Obamacare exchanges is just days away, but the only thing certain about how much the new health law is going to cost Michigan’s small businesses when exchanges take effect on Oct. 1 is that no one can say for sure. … more

Union Rally Fizzles

Union organizer: ‘All these organizations are the same’

By Manny Lopez | Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

OKLAHOMA CITY — About 40 union workers and community activists upset that organizations that support the privatization of public services and reform efforts in public education, among other things, protested outside the Cox Convention Center here Wednesday. Far more protesters were expected but the union rally fell short of expectations. … more

Mo Money Money Mo Money

Detroit looks to Washington for more cash Click Here for Details

Who Prefers What Type of Armament?

Different countires have their favorite guns Click Here for Details

Will House Say No to Senate’s Funding of Obamacare?

Boehner says nope Click Here for Story

Who to Blame for Chemicals in Syria

Evidence still not clear on who used them Click Here for Details

US and Iran Talk

Movement on Iranian nuke problem? Click Here for Story

Feds Sponsor Racism?

US sponsors event that holds anti-white propaganda? Click Here for Details

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