Saturday September 28, 2013

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Natural Gas Time?

Seismic testing in Washtenaw by oil and gas companies Click Here for Story

Rogers Under Fire?

Representative Mike Roger’s earns wrath of Tea Party with recent voting record Click Here for Details

Ann Arbor Considers Cutting Lucrative Fossil Fuel Stocks From Underfunded Pension Plan

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

A recent study showed that oil and natural gas stocks have been among the most lucrative nationwide for many public pension funds. Yet some Ann Arbor city officials want the city to stop investing in those stocks. … more

The Cheese Touch?

  Obama’s bad reputation stains Iran’s new President? Click Here for Details

Media Ignoring Facts on Obamacare Rates

Preliminary analysis show sharp hikes

By Jack McHugh |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

According to preliminary analysis by Manhattan Institute scholar Avik Roy, the cost of the cheapest policy available to a 27-year-old Michigan man or woman will be 166 percent and 167 percent higher, respectively, compared to the cheapest rate available before the law goes into effect. For 40-year-old men and women, the cheapest rates will be 76 and 131 percent more, respectively. … more

Government Shut Down: Should You Worry?

What will and won’t happen if the Federal Government has a shut down over funding squabble Click Here for Details

Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid Threatens Shutdown

With no compromise he states his bill is the only one that can stop it Click Here for Story

Boehner Under Pressure

Conservatives don’t want to back down on Obamacare funding Click Here for Details

The Truth about Deficit Spending

Click Here for Story and graph of Deficit Spending

Slight of Hand?

Is Amnesty coming undercover of Shutdown? Click Here for Story

A Kenyan Hero

  This Muslim Kenyan stood up to save Americans from terrorists Click Here for Story

What Happened to America?

A small president  on big stage? Click Here for Editorial

More Special Privilege

  Corruption? Another Hillary Clinton aide gets special status Click Here for Story

More Obamacare Problems

And we wonder why it should be defunded Click Here for Details

Obamacare = Higher Costs

The Un-Affordable Care Act Click Here for Story

 From the Pros

Health care professionals frown on Obamacare Click Here for Survey Results

 The House Response?

Will the House ask for delay instead of defunding of Obamacare Click Here for Story


The Federal Budget, 1993-2013

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