Sunday September 29, 2013

Paying Tribute

Memories abound as veterans are honored Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Increased Unemployment Rate the Result of Growing Labor Force

By Tom Gantert |Courtesy of Mich Cap Con

The reason the unemployment rate is going up is because the labor force has increased from 4.67 million in April to 4.72 million in August. The number of people employed has increased from 4.27 million in April to 4.3 million in August, while the number of unemployed has also increased from 3.9 million to 4.2 million in that same span. … more

GOP House Passes Compromise Funding Bill

President and Dem Senate prefer government shutdown Click Here for Story

Mocking Obamacare

SNL takes its shot at the President’s failing signature legislation Click Here for Details

Federal Workers Demand Backpay if Shutdown

They want their time off to be paid? Click Here for Details

No. 2 US Nuclear Commander Suspended

Alleged gambling problems to blame or something more sinister? Click Here for Story

Iranian Spy Arrested in Israel

Was taking pictures of US embassy among other things Click Here for Details

Greece Arrests Neo-Nazi Leader

Others being hunted in relation to murder of leftist musician Click Here for Story

Islamic Jihadist’s Murder 50 Students

Killed Nigerian university students while they slept Click Here for Details




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